IntegriTech LLC is a father-son engineering firm located in Leavenworth, Washington, with a focus on mechanical and civil engineering, machine design, and troubleshooting.  We have experience in a wide variety of projects from roadway design, retaining walls, and boat launches to non-standard building design and invention support.  Our expertise also covers most aspects and components of municipal and community water systems, such as planning, water source investigation, treatment plants (including slow sand filtration), and reservoir and distribution systems.

In addition to standard mechanical and civil engineering, IntegriTech also specializes in unique, custom designs.   If the component or process you need does not exist, we can design it. IntegriTech also has the experience and capacity to construct prototypes.  Engineering at IntegriTech is direct and practical, based upon years of working experience with machinery and electro-mechanical systems.

We routinely work with clients across Washington, from the San Juan Islands to the Columbia Basin.